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    Jazz and Theatre Reviews


    review by Erminia Yardley

    "Her scatting is literally something else, a modernist in her approach"

    Campus’ love of jazz and the theatre were combined in an evening of great musical skill and impassioned improvisation.


    Review by Matthew Wright

    "Most of the set was wordless, yet they spanned a musical vision that spoke intimately of Sardinian history and landscape. The effect was utterly compelling"


    Review by Peter Quinn on Monk Misterioso by Theatralia

    "Spellbinding Monk homage. Exceptional and heartfelt"


    KultureFlash on Not in My Name by Theatralia

    "Following this powerful scene director Filomena Campus uses religious ritual to dramatic and emotional effect and produces a beautifully sincere moment"

    Review by Jeremy Austin on 'Not in My Name' by Theatralia

    "Theatralia takes many risks with this thought-provoking, original piece. It is very moving and effective"


    The Times on Misterioso by Theatralia at the Riverside Studios

    "A crime of miss it"


    Review on U238 by Theatralia

    Campus uses different elements to create an atmosphere where information and sensations bomb the participants, where a surreal irony is fused with human compassion.